Innovative concept of synergetic air traffic management under polyconflicts

    Volodymyr Kharchenko Affiliation
    ; Valeriy Chepizhenko Affiliation
    ; Svetlana Pavlova Affiliation
    ; Wang Bo Affiliation


A new concept of the synthesis of a synergetic regulator for the control of difficult multidimensional aircraft in polyconflict conditions is offered in the article. The basic idea of control synthesis is the use of self-organization properties of real physical systems for the formation of algorithms for the synergetic regulator operation. This approach allows solving the problem of the high dimensionality of the regulator for aircraft in polyconflict conditions and provides aircraft control in real time. The synergetic approach offered by the authors allows minimising the expenditure of energy for conflict avoidance between aircraft and supports the guaranteed safety level of their motion.

First published online: 22 Dec 2014

Keyword : air traffic management (ATM), polyconflict, safety, synergetic regulator, navigation space

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Kharchenko, V., Chepizhenko, V., Pavlova, S., & Bo, W. (2014). Innovative concept of synergetic air traffic management under polyconflicts. Aviation, 18(4), 185-192.
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Dec 22, 2014
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