The impact of mechanical vibrations on hydraulic valves and the possibility of reducing the effects

    Michał Stosiak Affiliation
    ; Paulius Skačkauskas Affiliation
    ; Adam Deptuła Affiliation


The paper shows that mechanical vibrations occur in a wide frequency range in the hydraulic systems operating in the real world. Hydraulic valves are also exposed to these vibrations. The paper gives examples of vibration sources and suggests that the influence of vibrations on hydraulic valves could be reduced. Particular attention was paid to the vibrating proportional distributor. The amplitude-frequency spectrum of pressure pulsation in a hydraulic system with a vibrating proportional distributor was analysed. During the tests, the frequency of external mechanical vibrations acting on the proportional distributor and their direction was changed.

Keyword : mechanical vibrations, hydraulic system, valve, aircraft, frequency analysis

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Stosiak, M., Skačkauskas, P., & Deptuła, A. (2024). The impact of mechanical vibrations on hydraulic valves and the possibility of reducing the effects. Aviation, 28(1), 40–48.
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Mar 28, 2024
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