Investigation of the application of CPDLC to aerodrome air traffic control procedures

    Julius Žvinys Affiliation
    ; Darius Rudinskas Affiliation


This paper analyzes the application of Controller Pilot Data Link Communication (CPDLC) technology to different air traffic control sectors. It also presents the analysis of the performed research and tests. A CPDLC program is being developed that is adapted for aerodrome flight control. The program takes into account the advantages and disadvantages of other software, as well as the recommendations of other authors. The program is developed using JAVASCRIPT and HTML programming languages. The tests of the developed CPDLC program are performed in the Expert NITA flight control simulator. The CAPAN method is used for data analysis. Analysis of changes in workload, language errors, and time saved using different communication methods during simulations is also performed.

Keyword : CPDLC technology, aerodrome flight control, flight control simulator, workload, CAPAN method, CPDLC software

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Žvinys, J., & Rudinskas, D. (2023). Investigation of the application of CPDLC to aerodrome air traffic control procedures. Aviation, 27(2), 95–103.
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Jun 20, 2023
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