Unsteady fluid flow in pressurised closed pipes in experimental bench examples

    Michał Stosiak   Affiliation
    ; Kamil Urbanowicz   Affiliation
    ; Krzysztof Towarnicki Affiliation
    ; Adam Deptuła   Affiliation
    ; Paulius Skačkauskas   Affiliation
    ; Tadeusz Leśniewski   Affiliation


The paper indicates the frequent occurrence of transient states in hydraulic systems. Particular attention was paid to the phenomenon of water hammer – the causes and effects of this phenomenon. A complete analytical description of this phenomenon has not yet been developed. New theoretical models are still being developed and need to be verified experimentally. The paper focuses on presenting the development of experimental stands for the study of water hammer in hydraulic pipes. Subsequent modifications of the experimental stands for the speed of the shut-off valves and their tightness, as well as for the minimisation of the occurrence of the effects of the pulsation of the performance of the pump supplying the line under investigation, are presented. The stand presented as the final one also allows the testing of transients in hydraulic lines for various types of working fluid (oil, emulsion, distilled water).

Keyword : hydraulics, unsteady flow, water hammer, test stand, airplane crash

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Stosiak, M., Urbanowicz, K., Towarnicki, K., Deptuła, A., Skačkauskas, P., & Leśniewski, T. (2023). Unsteady fluid flow in pressurised closed pipes in experimental bench examples. Aviation, 27(2), 67–74.
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Apr 25, 2023
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