Wireless-based technology for optimizing of operation of the aviation engine control system

    Serhii Tovkach   Affiliation


An approach for improving of efficiency the operation of distributed control system of aviation engine based on wireless technology with high productivity and resolution of wave distributed surface has been presented. It can be applied for development of new principles of correct location the nodes, including the data processing equipment, the intellectual sensors, actuators, repeaters, central units in adaptive control strategies of aviation engine. The optimization method for processing information, using adaptive wavelet filters, as an optimal filter, that minimizes the average square of a common error for organizing the connection between wireless elements in the control systems of aviation gas turbine engine, has been considered, on the theoretical point of view. Also, the wavelets applications in the Wireless Distributed Automatic Control System (WDACS) for aviation engine, the requirements for the construction of its node, supported by the protocol stack, the scheme and the programs with a combination of connections the information exchange between elements have been considered, from the practical point of view.

Keyword : aviation, engine, distributed system, wireless, wavelet filter, threshold, subband coding

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Tovkach, S. (2021). Wireless-based technology for optimizing of operation of the aviation engine control system. Aviation, 25(1), 35-40.
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Apr 7, 2021
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