LatLaunch air-launch system for low-cost launching of small satellites into low Earth orbit

    Aleksandrs Urbahs Affiliation
    ; Sergey Kravchenko   Affiliation
    ; Margarita Urbaha   Affiliation
    ; Kristine Carjova Affiliation
    ; Natalja Panova   Affiliation
    ; Rafal Chatys Affiliation


The paper presents the air-launch system enabling the delivery of small satellites into low Earth orbit. One of the most important advantages of the concept is its cost. Generally, the paper proves that launching a carrier from an aerial platform (a movable launch pad) provides the whole range of competitive advantages. In particular, the total losses during the launch from an aerial platform will reduce by 20–35%, and the characteristic velocity of the maneuver will reduce by 4–7%.

Keyword : flight safety, LEO satellites, risk, algorithm, air-launch system

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Urbahs, A., Kravchenko, S., Urbaha, M., Carjova, K., Panova, N., & Chatys, R. (2021). LatLaunch air-launch system for low-cost launching of small satellites into low Earth orbit. Aviation, 25(2), 73-78.
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Jun 23, 2021
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