Research of effects of defects on stability failures of semi-monocoque stiffeners

    Tomáš Katrňák   Affiliation
    ; Jaroslav Juračka Affiliation
    ; Ivo Jebáček   Affiliation


This article presents further results of the research of effects of model defects on the local buckling of compressed stiffeners in nonlinear finite element (FE) analyses. The main outcomes are confirmation of trends for 10 sets of profile dimensions, final validations of various sets of FE simulations, and designs of practical types of defects with appropriate ratio values. A single node defect and then complex types of defects with alternating distributions of node shifts along one edge, two free flange edges, one flange surface and both flange surfaces are analyzed in this research project. First parts of this paper describe designed FE models with defects, their effects on simulation results, colored graphic visualizations with stress scales and determinations of the sudden failure of stability in the local mode. Then, particular results of FE analyses are validated by a comparison with the results of analytical methods of stability failure. Final detail comparisons of analytical and FE simulation results with data of experimental tests confirm predicted critical buckling forces. The validation of results and design parameters together with the knowledge of effects of model defects on buckling behaviors allows more accurate simulations of internal stiffeners of thin-walled semi-monocoque structures.

First published online 29 January 2020

Keyword : buckling, stability, failure, stress analysis, finite element methods, stiffener, imperfection

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Katrňák, T., Juračka, J., & Jebáček, I. (2019). Research of effects of defects on stability failures of semi-monocoque stiffeners. Aviation, 23(3), 83-90.
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Dec 31, 2019
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