Investigation of detection possibility of UAVS using low cost marine radar


The technologies of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are fast emerging, but as any other technology, development of UAVs provides not only benefits but also the threats. UAV technologies are developing much faster than means of their control and detection. RADAR technology is one of the means of UAV’s detection. Usually, radars are expensive, and usage of high-power radiation is problematic in many cases.

Today’s market provides low cost marine radar working on various principles of operation. Such radar are not optimal, but could be used for UAV detection. Detection possibility of UAVs by FMCW marine radar was investigated by using two types of small UAVs as targets.

Keyword : UAV, FMCW, radar, marine radar, radar cross-section, UAV’s detection

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Laučys, A., Rudys, S., Kinka, M., Ragulis, P., Aleksandravičius, J., Jablonskas, D., Bručas, D., Daugėla, E., & Mačiulis, L. (2019). Investigation of detection possibility of UAVS using low cost marine radar. Aviation, 23(2), 48-53.
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May 27, 2019
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