Robust controller for supersonic unmanned aerial vehicle

    Vitalii Burnashev   Affiliation
    ; Aleksandr Zbrutsky   Affiliation


The article is devoted to the synthesis of robust controllers of supersonic unmanned aerial vehicle motion parameters. During the flight, the velocity and altitude of the aircraft varies rapidly within wide limits. Therefore, the required quality of control on each trajectory is provided by a set of dynamic controllers with constant coefficients. The article substantiates the number of such controllers, researches the range of their efficiency. The obtained restrictions on the amplitude-frequency characteristics and weight functions are given. Transients are shown.

Keyword : supersonic unmanned aerial vehicle, robust controller, flight trajectory, control quality, transient, controller synthesis

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Burnashev, V., & Zbrutsky, A. (2019). Robust controller for supersonic unmanned aerial vehicle. Aviation, 23(1), 31-35.
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May 23, 2019
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