Quantitative Approximation Properties for Iterates of Moment Operator

    Carlo Bardaro Affiliation
    ; Loris Faina Affiliation
    ; Ilaria Mantellini Affiliation


Here we state a quantitative approximation theorem by means of nets of certain modified Hadamard integrals, using iterates of moment type operators, for functions f defined over the positive real semi-axis ]0, +∞[, having Mellin derivatives. The main tool is a suitable K-functional which is compatible with the structure of the multiplicative group ]0, +∞[. Some numerical examples and graphical representations are illustrated.

Keyword : iterates of moment kernel, Mellin derivatives, generalized Hadamard integrals, K-functional

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Bardaro, C., Faina, L., & Mantellini, I. (2015). Quantitative Approximation Properties for Iterates of Moment Operator. Mathematical Modelling and Analysis, 20(2), 261-272.
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Mar 30, 2015
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