Numerical solution of hyperbolic heat conduction equation

    Raimondas Čiegis Affiliation


Hyperbolic heat conduction problem is solved numerically. The explicit and implicit Euler schemes are constructed and investigated. It is shown that the implicit Euler scheme can be used to solve efficiently parabolic and hyperbolic heat conduction problems. This scheme is unconditionally stable for both problems. For many integration methods strong numerical oscillations are present, when the initial and boundary conditions are discontinuous for the hyperbolic problem. In order to regularize the implicit Euler scheme, a simple linear relation between time and space steps is proposed, which automatically introduces sufficient amount of numerical viscosity. Results of numerical experiments are presented.

First published online: 14 Oct 2010

Keyword : hyperbolic heat conduction equation, finite difference schemes, stability, weak‐solution

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Čiegis, R. (2009). Numerical solution of hyperbolic heat conduction equation. Mathematical Modelling and Analysis, 14(1), 11-24.
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Mar 31, 2009
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