Some generalizations of Kannan's theorems via σc-function and its application

    Suprokash Hazra Affiliation
    ; Satish Shukla Affiliation


In this article, we go on to discuss various proper extensions of Kannan’s two different fixed point theorems, and introduce the new concept of , which is independent of the three notions of simulation function, manageable functions, and R-functions. These results are analogous to some well-known theorems, and extend several known results in this literature. An application of the new results to the integral equation is also provided.

Keyword : fixed point, coincidence point, Kannan’s mapping, simulation function, R-function, manageable function, σc-function

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Hazra, S., & Shukla, S. (2019). Some generalizations of Kannan’s theorems via σc-function and its application. Mathematical Modelling and Analysis, 24(4), 530-549.
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Oct 25, 2019
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