Graph-theoretic approach to exponential stability of delayed coupled systems on networks under periodically intermittent control

    Beibei Guo Affiliation
    ; Yu Xiao Affiliation
    ; Chiping Zhang Affiliation


In this paper, the exponential stability of delayed coupled systems on networks (DCSNs) is investigated via periodically intermittent control. By utilizing graph-theoretic approach and Lyapunov function method, a novel method for stability analysis of DCSNs is developed. Moreover, some useful and easily verifiable sufficient conditions are presented in the form of Lyapunov-type theorem and coefficients-type criterion. These laws reveal that the stability has a close relationship with the topology structure of the networks. In addition, as a subsequent result, the obtained theory is successfully applied to study the exponential stability of delayed coupled oscillators on networks under periodically intermittent control. Finally, a numerical example is given to validate the effectiveness of theoretical results.

Keyword : delayed coupled systems, periodically intermittent control, graph-theoretic method, exponential stability

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Guo, B., Xiao, Y., & Zhang, C. (2018). Graph-theoretic approach to exponential stability of delayed coupled systems on networks under periodically intermittent control. Mathematical Modelling and Analysis, 23(1), 44-63.
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Feb 20, 2018
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