Existence results in weighted Sobolev space for quasilinear degenerate p(z)−elliptic problems with a Hardy potential

    Ghizlane Zineddaine Affiliation
    ; Abdelaziz Sabiry   Affiliation
    ; Said Melliani Affiliation
    ; Abderrazak Kassidi   Affiliation


The objective of this work is to establish the existence of entropy solutions to degenerate nonlinear elliptic problems for L1-data f with a Hardy potential, in weighted Sobolev spaces with variable exponent, which are represented as follows where is a Leray-Lions operator from  into its dual,  is a non-linearity term that only meets the growth condition, and ρ > 0 is a constant.

Keyword : nonlinear elliptic equations, entropy solutions, Hardy potential, weighted variable exponent Sobolev space

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Zineddaine, G., Sabiry, A., Melliani, S., & Kassidi, A. (2024). Existence results in weighted Sobolev space for quasilinear degenerate p(z)−elliptic problems with a Hardy potential. Mathematical Modelling and Analysis, 29(3), 460–479.
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May 21, 2024
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