Regularizing effect in singular semilinear problems

    José Carmona   Affiliation
    ; Antonio J. Martínez Aparicio   Affiliation
    ; Pedro J. Martínez-Aparicio Affiliation
    ; Miguel Martínez-Teruel   Affiliation


We analyze how different relations in the lower order terms lead to the same regularizing effect on singular problems whose model is in , u = 0 on ∂Ω, where is a bounded open set of is a nonnegative function in L1() and g(x,s) is a Carathéodory function. In a framework where no solution is expected, we prove its existence (regularizing effect) whenever the datum f interacts conveniently either with the boundary of the domain or with the lower order term.

Keyword : nonlinear elliptic equations, singular problem, regularizing effect

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Carmona, J., Martínez Aparicio, A. J., Martínez-Aparicio, P. J., & Martínez-Teruel, M. (2023). Regularizing effect in singular semilinear problems. Mathematical Modelling and Analysis, 28(4), 561–580.
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Oct 20, 2023
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