A collocation method for Fredholm integral equations of the first kind via iterative regularization scheme

    Tahar Bechouat   Affiliation


To solve the ill-posed integral equations, we use the regularized collocation method. This numerical method is a combination of the Legendre polynomials with non-stationary iterated Tikhonov regularization with fixed parameter. A theoretical justification of the proposed method under the required assumptions is detailed. Finally, numerical experiments demonstrate the efficiency of this method.

Keyword : ill-posed problems, iterative regularization scheme, Legendre collocation method, integral equations of the first kind

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Bechouat, T. (2023). A collocation method for Fredholm integral equations of the first kind via iterative regularization scheme. Mathematical Modelling and Analysis, 28(2), 237–254.
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Mar 21, 2023
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