Numerical study of the shielding properties of a ferrofluid taking into account magnitophoresis and particle interaction

    Olga Lavrova   Affiliation
    ; Viktor Polevikov   Affiliation


Shielding properties of a cylindrical thick-walled ferrofluid layer that protects against externally applied uniform magnetic fields are numerically investigated. We take into account the diffusion of magnetic nanoparticles in the ferrofluid with magnetic dipole-dipole, steric and hydrodynamic interactions between particles. Permeability of the ferrofluid is considered to be dependent on the magnetic-field strength and the particle concentration. A combined method of finite differences and boundary elements is applied to solve a nonlinear transmission problem of magnetostatics in the whole space, augmented by nonlinear algebraic equations based on the mass transfer equation for magnetic nanoparticles in ferrofluids. Numerical experiments revealed that the diffusion of particles has negligible influence on the shielding properties at weak and strong intensities of the applied magnetic field when comparing with the results of computations for a uniform particle distribution.

Keyword : magnetostatics problem, diffusion problem, finite-difference method, boundary element method, Newton’s method, ferrofluid, magnetic shielding

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Lavrova, O., & Polevikov, V. (2022). Numerical study of the shielding properties of a ferrofluid taking into account magnitophoresis and particle interaction. Mathematical Modelling and Analysis, 27(1), 161–178.
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Feb 7, 2022
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