Nonlinear propagation of leaky TE-polarized electromagnetic waves in a metamaterial Goubau line

    Eugene Smolkin   Affiliation
    ; Yury Smirnov Affiliation


Propagation of leaky TE-polarized electromagnetic waves in the Goubau line (a perfectly conducting cylinder covered by a concentric dielectric layer) filled with nonlinear metamaterial medium is studied. The problem is reduced to the analysis of a nonlinear integral equation with a kernel in the form of the Green function of an auxiliary boundary value problem on an interval. The existence of propagating nonlinear leaky TE waves for the chosen nonlinearity (Kerr law) is proved using the method of contraction. For the numerical solution, a method based on solving an auxiliary Cauchy problem (a version of the shooting method) is proposed. New propagation regimes are discovered.

Keyword : leaky TE waves, metamaterial Goubau Line, nonlinear permittivity, nonlinear eigenvalue problem, numerical method

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Smolkin, E., & Smirnov, Y. (2021). Nonlinear propagation of leaky TE-polarized electromagnetic waves in a metamaterial Goubau line. Mathematical Modelling and Analysis, 26(3), 372-382.
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Jul 13, 2021
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