Third-order generalized discontinuous impulsive problems on the half-line

    Feliz Minhós   Affiliation
    ; Rui Carapinha   Affiliation


In this paper, we improve the existing results in the literature by presenting weaker sufficient conditions for the solvability of a third-order impulsive problem on the half-line, having generalized impulse effects. More precisely, our nonlinearities do not need to be positive nor sublinear and the monotone assumptions are local ones. Our method makes use of some truncation and perturbed techniques and on the equiconvergence at infinity and the impulsive points. The last section contains an application to a boundary layer flow problem over a stretching sheet with and without heat transfer.

Keyword : impulsive problems, upper and lower solutions, equiconvergence, boundary layer flow

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Minhós, F., & Carapinha, R. (2021). Third-order generalized discontinuous impulsive problems on the half-line. Mathematical Modelling and Analysis, 26(4), 548-565.
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Oct 28, 2021
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