On the numerical simulation of time-space fractional coupled nonlinear Schrödinger equations utilizing Wendland’s compactly supported function collocation method

    Bahar Karaman   Affiliation


This research describes an efficient numerical method based on Wendland’s compactly supported functions to simulate the time-space fractional coupled nonlinear Schrödinger (TSFCNLS) equations. Here, the time and space fractional derivatives are considered in terms of Caputo and Conformable derivatives, respectively. The present numerical discussion is based on the following ways: we first approximate the Caputo fractional derivative of the proposed equation by a scheme order O(∆t2−α), 0 < α < 1 and then the Crank-Nicolson scheme is employed in the mentioned equation to discretize the equations. Second, applying a linear difference scheme to avoid solving nonlinear systems. In this way, we have a linear, suitable calculation scheme. Then, the conformable fractional derivatives of the Wendland’s compactly supported functions are established for the scheme. The stability analysis of the suggested scheme is also examined in a similar way to the classic Von-Neumann technique for the governing equations. The efficiency and accuracy of the present method are verified by solving two examples.

Keyword : fractional coupled nonlinear Schrödinger equations, Crank-Nicolson method, Wendland functions, fractional derivative operator, Von-Neumann stability

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Karaman, B. (2021). On the numerical simulation of time-space fractional coupled nonlinear Schrödinger equations utilizing Wendland’s compactly supported function collocation method. Mathematical Modelling and Analysis, 26(1), 94-115.
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Jan 18, 2021
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