On a class of saddle point problems and convergence results

    Mariana Chivu Cojocaru   Affiliation
    ; Andaluzia Matei   Affiliation


We consider an abstract mixed variational problem consisting of two inequalities. The first one is governed by a functional φ, possibly non-differentiable. The second inequality is governed by a nonlinear term depending on a non negative parameter ǫ. We study the existence and the uniqueness of the solution by means of the saddle point theory. In addition to existence and uniqueness results, we deliver convergence results for ǫ → 0. Finally, we illustrate the abstract results by means of two examples arising from contact mechanics.

Keyword : mixed variational problem, penalty term, saddle point, convergence result

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Chivu Cojocaru, M., & Matei, A. (2020). On a class of saddle point problems and convergence results. Mathematical Modelling and Analysis, 25(4), 608-621.
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Oct 13, 2020
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