Analysis of incidences of collapsed buildings in Lagos Metropolis, Nigeria

    Ayotunde Olawande Oni Affiliation


Building collapses in Lagos metropolis have become worrisome to residents, developers, and Government. This study examined the incidences of collapsed buildings in Lagos metropolis over a thirty‐year period. Time series analysis was carried out to determine the past and predict direction of the future occurrences. In addition, a process of inference from reports on investigations of past occurrences was adopted to establish causes of building collapses in the study area. Spatial analysis of the collapses showed high concentration in swampy terrain that was reclaimed in the past. The study recommends, amongst other things, comprehensive investigation of the geophysical characteristics of the affected locations towards finding lasting solution to the menace.

First Published Online: 10 Feb 2011

Keyword : Collapsed building, Disaster, Distressed building, Lagos, Spatial analysis, Nigeria

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Oni, A. O. (2010). Analysis of incidences of collapsed buildings in Lagos Metropolis, Nigeria. International Journal of Strategic Property Management, 14(4), 332-346.
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Dec 31, 2010
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