Compass measurement – still a suitable surveying method in specific conditions

    Julián Tomaštik Affiliation
    ; Daniel Tunák Affiliation


The compass measurement is one of the customary surveying methods that is used almost from the beginning of systematic geodesy and cartography. After the periods of the decreased use of this method, it was partially renewed by the ascension of the Field-Map technology that connects the compass measurement with the software tools for the environment mapping. It is currently mostly used for the forestry under-canopy mapping and other special tasks, where the current progressive technologies, especially photogrammetry and GNSS, can be used only with complication. The Field-Map set can include either the laser rangefinder Impulse LR 200 with MapStar Compass Module II compass, or TruPulse laser rangefinder that allows also the azimuth measurement. The research was aimed on the accuracy of mentioned devices. The measured lengths and azimuth were evaluated primarily. The evaluation of the field condition results showed the mean length error 0.07–0.09 m for Impulse rangefinder, while 0.25–0.29 m for TruPulse rangefinder. The mean azimuth error was around 0.5 degree for MapStar compass and above 3 degrees for TruPulse. After this basic evaluation the data were used for the computation of four compass traverses using various measurement and computation methods. The results showed, that the compass measurement, especially using the Impulse + MapStar set, can be still a suitable method for lower accuracy surveying, although effective only in specific conditions.

Keyword : compass measurement, Field-Map, accuracy, forestry mapping, laser rangefinder, electronic compass

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Tomaštik, J., & Tunák, D. (2015). Compass measurement – still a suitable surveying method in specific conditions. Geodesy and Cartography, 41(1), 31-40.
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Apr 1, 2015
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