Accuracy calibration of the bars of levelling meters


Precision levelling is one of the most common geodetic measuring operations. The most modern geodetic instruments are quite sophisticated digital instruments that are supplied by photoelectric sensor arrays and optical–electronic cameras that fix the height values of terrain according to the position of the levelling meter that is placed on it. The marks on the levelling meters are also modified and consist of coded strokes put on the meter’s surface in a specific order. The accuracy of the performance of all the measuring equipment depends mostly on the accuracy of the position of those strokes. This paper deals with an analysis of an accuracy calibration of levelling meters, its methods and means of evaluation.


Keyword : levelling instrument, meter, accuracy, errors, calibration, measurement

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Giniotis, V., Rekus, D., & Aksamitauskas, Česlovas. (2012). Accuracy calibration of the bars of levelling meters. Geodesy and Cartography, 33(4), 102-105.
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Aug 3, 2012
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